Unbeaten werden am 31. Juli 2023 eine neue EP namens Violence On Demans via Dedication Records veröffentlichen. Wir freuen uns, euch heute mit Voice Of Victims eine erste Vorab-Single aus dem neuen Release zu präsentieren, die ihr euch hier anhören könnt:


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Wir nahmen das bevorstehende Release außerdem zum Anlass der Hardcore-Band aus Polen ein paar Fragen zum neuen Output zu stellen. Hier unser Interview mit Unbeaten:

Eliz und Langi von Unbeaten im Interview

AFL: Hello; maybe introduce yourselves briefly!

Eliz: Hi, I’m Eliz and I’m a vocalist in Unbeaten since the beginning of the band i.e. 2016.

Langi: I’m Langi the guitarist of Unbeaten. Just like Eliz I’m original member of band.

What do you do in „normal life“?

E: Professionally, both of us, also bassist Rob, work in a company that produces electric heaters for radiators, etc. Besides of that, we are parents to our cat Salem.

L: As for hobbies not related to the hardcore scene, we also like manga and comics, as well as movies from the Marvel and DC universes.

After your first two EPs now the number 3; tell us something about the development process and the recordings.

Unbeaten - Violence On Demand (Photo on Cover by Oliver Guhr)
Unbeaten – Violence On Demand (Photo on Cover by Oliver Guhr)

E: Our latest EP was born in pain. Music were written in pre-pandemic period. We started recording of drums before the lockdown, then we were stuck at home and we didn’t have enough motivation to finish it.

L: Staying at home had a severe impact on us, as our lives are largely centered around the hardcore scene. The inability to tour, but also to simply go to a concert, as well as the departure of the drummer from the band, putted into question whether this material will not be only posthumous. However, with the removal of travel restrictions and finding a replacement behind the drums, the energy and desire to finish this EP came back.

What are the new songs about?

E: They are a bit about us, a bit about what frustrates us, about the fact that there is always time to change fate and nothing is final. It’s only 4 songs so we couldn’t touch on more topics.

L: We talk about how people are able to do a lot for money, about how they prefer to get excited about directed violence instead of healthy entertainment.

The new songs are in English again, just like the last ep, is the reason for this to be better understood internationally or are you afraid that Polish would limit the listening space?

E: Yes, and I think we’ll stick to writing songs in English. In fact, both of these reasons are, in my opinion, one and the same. Many among our listeners are people for whom English is not the first language, much less Polish. We try to make everyone understand us and get something for themselves from our music.

L: Exactly, we know our message is important and we’ve already received photos from our supporters with song titles tattooed on them. We do not want to limit our reach to listeners only from Poland, and unfortunately it would be the case if we sang in Polish. It is possible, however, that someday we will record another song in Polish.

Why not a full album?

E: We’d like the full album to be consistent when it’s time for it. Songs that would be written in addition to what we are releasing as the latest EP would not stick together.

L: Recording an LP right now is also a very high cost, so we want to make sure that when the time comes for it, as a whole it will be more than a random compilation of diferent tracks.

Was it hard for you as a band to get back on track after Corona?

E: As we mentioned earlier, the return itself was much better and easier than surviving the pandemic period. Last year we managed to play 12 concerts, and this year we plan to double that number.

L: Most of the gigs we organize DIY and having no idea what to expect in a particular city, but so far we have not been disappointed. We also reach, for the first time, places in Poland where we haven’t had a chance to play yet.

Which bands from Poland should you know, which labels are available and which venues should we visit?

E: We have many interesting bands that are worth noticing. I think that one of the most interesting new projects is DYBUK – the new band of Kamil, better known as the vocalist of the Polish street punk legend The Analogs. A dark mix of hardcore punk and black metal, with a pinch of rock’n’roll rhythms. Something for fans of dirty raw sound, additionally spiced with lyrics in Polish.

L: Any venue with hardcore gig is the right place to go, and if I had to really recommend anything it would be places with vegan food. We have a lot of awesome bars and restaurants that are not only plant-based but also comitted into promotion of animal rights. To quickly mention, for example: Faloviec (by Daniel from Hidden Beauty Records) or House Of Seitan in Gdańsk, Lokal Vegan Bistro or Bracka in Warsaw, Vega in Wrocław.

Q and A!

Straight Edge ?

  • E: Yes
  • L: Same here


  • E: Also!
  • L: Even longer then SxE


  • E: This is a good topic. We are DIY to a large extent, although we know some limits. Many of the concerts are not only booked but also organized by ourselves, in many venues we take care of the sound system We carry our mixer and our microphones, thanks to which if the venue has only two PA cabs in front, we are able to play a concert without renting additional equipment or a sound system. We prepare all the graphics ourselves – posters, stickers, merch patterns, also the cover of our latest EP was made by Langi.
  • L: If we will have enough skills and equipment to carry out part of the recording process ourselves in the future, it will also We give up DIY ethics in a place where we believe that the final quality will definitely sufer. That’s why we record all EPs so far in a professional studio.

Vinyl or CD?

  • E: Definitely vinyl, although due to mobility I usually choose music from streaming, the physical medium is something you can enjoy in your free time at home.
  • L: Both have something special in Although more and more they become just a gadget, they have their own charm. Unfortunately, I buy vinyls less due to the price increases, both because it’s ultimately expensive for me, but also because many bands decided to not release it anymore. Btw, I really like to buy CDs directly from bands that I see for the first time at a gigs.

Ihr könnt die neue EP Violence On Demand hier bei Dedication Records als CD vorbestellen.


  1. Voice Of Victims
  2. Driven By Greed
  3. Violence On Demand
  4. Straight From BDG
- Werbung -
– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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