10 Records Worth To Die For mit Wolfpack
10 Records Worth To Die For mit Wolfpack

Wolfpack haben erst im April ihr neues Album A.D. über Beatdown Hardwear veröffentlicht. Wir nahmen das Release zum Anlass Sänger Hradrien seine 10 Lieblingsplatten vorstellen zu lassen – und ab dafür!

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Wolfpack (2020, Photo by Guillaume Gaesller)
Wolfpack (2020, Photo by Guillaume Gaesller)

1Rammstein – Mutter

I chose this first one because it’s the first album that my mum gave me (she probably thought about a joke with the name of the album). From this time I became a hard fan of Rammstein and it’s been my introduction into heavy music. I can listen this album in every moment of my life.

2Slipknot – Iowa

Came juste after Mutter in my life. I love the production of this record. With this album Slipknot made something incredible, blending a mainstream music with very heavy and filthy roots. Their first two albums of Slipknot are probably the biggest inspiration for Wolfpack.

3Kickback – No Surrender

I got into hardcore with this album! I’ve been a metalhead for years but never been really into hardcore. It’s the best melt we could do between black metal and hardcore, in my opinion – and that’s how a black metal kid get into hardcore. No Surrender was a game changer for many guys of my generation.

4Hangman’s Chair – It’s Not Supposed To Be Positive

If Paris was a movie, this would be the soundtrack, it’s a melt between romantisme and pure depression. Sounds like Baudelaire playing doom metal.

5Deftones – Around The Fur

I discovered Deftones with this one. It was hard to choose one of their albums because I love all they’ve done. It’s a music allowing your mind to escape from reality, it draws landscapes in your mind… Also the best music to listen to hit the road when the sun shines.

6Code Orange – Forever

They are my favorite actual band, because they bring back all the nostalgia that i have from the metal of 90’s and early 2000 but with new codes and a badass attitude. Also we all saw this band growing bigger release after release and it’s really inspiring. This album, to me, is a sign of success, and I love the fact that they turn into something very industrial with such heavy parts: THIS is really my stuff.

7xMAROONx – Antagonist

It’s my favorite album of edge metal, it’s raw as hell, there is a sulfur atmosphere… There is also a guest from heaven shall burn in a song and this part is one of the most savage thing I ever heard. If apocalypse would come, I’ll probably listen to this album, it would be a perfect soundtrack.

8Harm’s Way – Become A Machine

It’s to me the most complete album of Harm’s way. The electro samples and the riffing fit so well in this one. There is a clinical atmosphere that I love. Probably one of the best album to make sport or to motivate yourself!

9Cannibal Corpse – Gallery of Suicide

The first record I chosed by myself at 10 or 11 years old just for the gore cover of the album. Also the first record that introduce me to extreme metal. I listened a lot of black and death metal after that but this is my basement.

10Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

The production and the melodies of this album are incredible, it’s just a melt between depression and summer chill, when I need to focus on myself or need to sleep it’s like a sad lullaby under the sun of california.

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

A.D. ist am 03. April 2020 über BDHW Records erschienen.


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