10 Records Worth To Die For: #206 mit John Porcell (Youth Of Today, Shelter, Values Here etc.)

Stabile Liste mit ausschließlich Klassiker! John Porcelly und seine 10 Lieblingsplatten.


Hardcore-Urgestein John „Porcell“ Porcelly hat seine Band-Vita um eine weitere angereicht. Bekannt als Gitarrist von Bands wie Youth Of Today, Judge und Shelter sowie als Frontmann von Project X, schwingt er nun auch die Klampfe von Values Here.

Gegründet wurden diese von Porcell und Sängerin Chui Kanela, nachdem sie sich bei einem Shelter-Konzert in ihrer Heimat Barcelona kennengelernt hatten und anschließend in Kontakt blieben. Komplettiert von von Bassist Tim Brooks (Bold) und Schlagzeuger Vinny Panza und Bassist Tim Brooks (Bold) haben Values Here für den 22. September 2023 ein Studioalbum mit dem Titel Take Your Time, I’ll Be Waiting angekündigt, das über End Hits Records erscheinen wird.

Wir nahmen das bevorstehende Release zum Anlass uns von Porcell seine zehn Lieblingsplatten vorstellen zu lassen, die ausschließlich aus HC/Punk-Klassiker besteht.

1Minor Threat „Out of Step“

This record strikes a chord in me like no other. Even the cover is an artistic representation of exactly how I felt being a punk rocker in a preppie high school – the straight edge black sheep who’s out of step with the world. Every song, from start to finish, is a youth anthem for taking on the world.

2Black Flag „Damaged“

Ever feel so fucked up and frustrated as a kid that you just wanted to punch a freaking mirror? Yep, I did too. Thanks Henry Rollins, I can relate! This record pushed the boundaries of what punk should sound like. It was heavy. It was super fast and could switch gears into slam dance slow on a dime. It was rebellious in a very real, relatable, non-political way. And I loved it. To this day, I live by the lyrics to „Rise Above.“

3Bad Brains „Rock For Light“

This record is a true game changer. Positive, spiritual and filled with great life advice, soundtracked to the fastest, most moshtastic music ever! Just TRY to sit still during the breakdown to „Right Brigade,“ I dare you! Insightful lyrics, massively talented musicianship, this record just slaps. WE GOT THAT PMA!!!

47 Seconds „The Crew“

In a hardcore scene mired in negativity, nihilism, drugs, and violence, this record was a breath of fresh air. Sure, the music was fast and powerful, but the lyrics broke new ground in sending out a message of love, trust, hope and caring for your fellow man (and woman!). Just a spotless, uplifting, inspiring slab of vinyl that I’m forever grateful for.

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

5The Clash „London Calling“

Some people might be expecting the first Clash record to be in this list, but for me it’s London Calling. It’s a double album and every song is absolutely flawless. They took the punk template that they helped to create and threw in all of their diverse musical influences, from dub to 50s Rock ’n Roll to 60s Garagerock. The result was one of the most unique, groundbreaking, incredible albums of all time. It’s probably my most listened to record ever and I’ve spun it a thousand times.  And yeah, props to the badass, punk as fuck cover photo too!

6Dead Boys „Young, Loud and Snotty“

In 1977, Rock ’n Roll music had become overblown, overly complicated and watered down into mainstream mush. And then along comes this record which just undeniably ROCKS. It was hella punk, the lyrics were a big „FUCK YOU“ to society, but the music was rooted in traditional rock played with the edge and energy that it’s supposed to have. Hooky choruses, bluesy distorted guitar solos, feedback everywhere… ELO and Rush could learn a thing or two from this record!

7Buzzcocks „Singles Going Steady“

Who CAN’T relate to songs about heartbreak, unrequited love and failed relationships? I don’t care how hardcore you are, these things hit us all HARD, and the Buzzcocks expressed it in a way like no other. The music is so original and paints outside the lines of so many genres that to this day, no band sounds like the Buzzcocks. And mix that in with Pete Shelley’s heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics and you’ve got a timeless classic. One of the best.

8The Smiths „The Queen is Dead“

Let’s just face facts – every single Smiths record is earth-shattering, but if you held a gun to my head and told me to pick one, I’d have to go with The Queen Is Dead. This is the blueprint for practically all alternative rock music to come in its wake to this day. It’s like if two superheroes teamed up to form a supergroup of epic proportions. No one, and I mean NO ONE can write a song like guitarist Johnny Marr. And his musical craftsmanship hit its stride on this one. Couple that with angsty, outsider lyrics penned with wit and heart by Morrissey and you’ve got MAGIC. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t quite fit in, this record is for you.

9SSD „Get It Away“

Straight edge juggernauts Society System Decontrol (SSD for short), pulled off their magnum opus on Get It Away. First off, before you even open the record, the cover alone deserves an award. The front cover art by the legendary Pushead features a trash and booze filled dark alley, masterfully representing the negativity and destructive lifestyle that straight edge stands against. The back cover has the most incredible live photos of the band in varying stages of flying through the air, looking like they’re about to take on the entire crowd. The record itself only has 7 songs, but they pack more wallop than most band’s entire catalog. Mighty, powerful, and heavy without being metal, SSD just NAILED it on this one. And the song Glue just might be the best hardcore song ever written. Listen and see for yourself.

10Agnostic Front „Victim In Pain“

NYHC at its finest. Agnostic Front were the kings of New York and made the CBGBs hardcore scene a place where everyone was welcome. This record condemns the infighting and cliqueyness of punk and champions a world where punks and skins and straight edgers stand together, united and strong against the exploitation and control of mainstream society. Plus Victim In Pain created a sound that every NYHC band to come, from Madball to Gorilla Biscuits, borrowed from. A legendary record from a legendary band.


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