Andy Davies (Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man)

Andy ist wichtiger Teil der Musikszene in Manchester. In allen Bereichen ist er aktiv, denn er leitet das Label TNS Records, ist Veranstalter diverser Punk-Shows und des Manchester Punk Festivals. Bass spielt er auch, nämlich bei Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. Leider hören diese zum Jahresende auf. Immerhin kommen sie Ende des Monats noch einmal auf Tour – die Termine gibt es am Ende von Andy’s 10 Records Worth To Die For.

1Kid Dynamite – Shorter, faster, Louder

If ever an album had a perfect title it is this. Very fast, short and loud songs. This is one of the few albums that would make my top ten any time I wrote it.,

2Orquesta El Macabeo – Salsa Macabra

I’m listening to this as I type and it’s great, so it’s going in this list. I did a distro swap several years ago with the German label, Entez Anomicos and one of the releases we got was a 7” by this band. I really enjoyed it, so I tracked down some more stuff, including this LP. The band are a group of Puerto Rican punks, but they are playing Salsa Music. They do it with a real energy and a level of aggression that you wouldn’t traditionally associate with salsa music. It’s top quality.

3The Lawrence Arms – Oh Calcutta

One of the best melodic punk records out there in my opinion. This album is great from start to finish and I’ve listened to it hundreds of times. Great song writing, great hooks and lots of energy. Spot on.

4The Prodigy – Experience

I love dance music and I love a Punk delivery of songs. No band has combined these things more effectively that The Prodigy. Seeing these live when I was about 16/17 was a life-changer. It made me realise how exciting mixing up genres could be and I’ve gone on to watch them live on many occasions since. This was the album that got me into them, so it has to be my choice, although ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ is also mint.

5The Steal – Bright Grey

This sadly defunct band make a definite nod towards Kid Dynamite. It’s outstanding fast punk/hardcore, with awesome production. If you haven’t heard these, but you like fast aggressive music you should track this record down immediately – you won’t be disappointed.

6Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

People think that I wear a Madonna t-shirt in some sort of ironic way… I don’t. Madonna is awesome. It’s just perfect pop-music. And ‘La Isla Bonita’ is the best song ever. If anyone disagrees they are wrong.

7Gallows – Grey Britain

This is a classic example of an album I wasn’t that keen on for the first couple of listens, but like all good albums, it just grew on me more and more. Now I rate it as one of my favourite ever. It’s really well thought out as an album, with a coherent order and lyrically it’s a great exploration of the reality of life in Britain.

8Youth Avoiders

This is my favourite record right now. I saw them live last month for the first time and they were so good. It’s fast, thrashy, punk/hardcore from France and you need it in your life.

9Zeke – Death Alley

We are putting on Zeke in Manchester in May. We are stupidly excited about this. They have churned out so many quality records over the years, but this is my favourite. The new stuff is sounding pretty incredible too. Their UK dates are going to go down a treat.

10Oasis – Definitely

Maybe I live in Manchester. I think it’s probably illegal to live in Manchester if you don’t like Oasis. We are doing an Oasis covers set at Manchester Punk Festival so I’ve been listening to this a lot lately. After the first two records they did go fairly rapidly downhill, but this is an absolute classic.


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Tuesday 3 April – Steinis Pub, Schwerin, Germany
Wednesday 4 April – Menschenzoo, Hamburg, Germany
Thursday 5 April – Stö, Leipzig, Germany
Friday 6 April – Mark, Salzburg, Austria
Saturday 7 April – Burgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich, Germany

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