AUTHORITY ZERO veröffentlichen neues Video „Ah Hell“


Authority Zero haben ein Musikvideo zum Song Ah Hell veröffentlicht. Den Song, der von ihrem aktuellen Album Persona Non Grata stammt, könnt ihr euch am Ende des Beitrags ansehen.

In diesem Jahr soll auch eine ausgiebige Europa-Tournee folgen. Sobald es dazu erste Infos gibt, erfahrt ihr das natürlich von uns.


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Frontman Jason Devore zum Song und Video:

„Ah Hell“ is a “well, why the fuck not“ in life scenario. Idealistically it stems from when I was a kid. A lot of the older teenagers and younger kids that looked up to them would all go and ride BMX in a small town I lived in. The area we went to had a giant dirt bowl, killer terrain, and one big wicked kicker (jump) at the bottom. One day the teens pressured this little kid by bullying him into flying down the hill to make the jump and fit in. End result, the kid did a double backflip unintentionally and ended up landing on his face shattering all his teeth and bone structure. All that said the idea the final result is to stand up for yourself, don’t give in to pressure or bullies, take chances, but also take things at your own pace and do what you feel right for you.

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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