Barge aus Richmond, VA (USA) veröffentlichte am 26. August 2016 ihr selbstbetiteltes Debütalbum via Grave Mistaka Records. Die 12 Songs der Platte können nun auf Bandcamp gestreamt werden.

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Tracklist Barge

1    Social Pressure 01:09
2    Language 00:38
3    Play Your Part 00:41
4    Dead Generation 00:39
5    Afterthought 01:14
6    Never Trust 00:57
7    What is Left? 01:12
8    Fight the Fear 01:10
9    Subculture Blues 01:26
10    S.W.M.D. 00:58
11    Weapon of War 01:21
12    Dismantle 01:39


The debut full length from Richmond, VA’s Barge is an unstoppable whirlwind of uncompromising hardcore insanity. These twelve blistering tracks find the band maturing both musically and lyrically from their debut EP, „No Gain.“ Sonically, Barge pummels through with the speed and ferocity of powerviolence greats like Infest and Crossed Out, and delivers with unadulterated vitriol calling to mind Youth of Today and Ripcord’s most searing moments. The opening track, „Social Pressure,“ kicks this album from 0 to 120 out of the gate, then proceeds with a non-stop barrage of savage riffs and pulverizing breaks (reminiscent of Boston hardcore heavyweights Mind Eraser), straight through to the album’s final track, „Dismantle,“ which trudges to a close with brutal precision. Lyrically, Barge’s message is as heavy and powerful as their sound – addressing personal themes of alienation, acceptance, distrust, and disenchantment in the current climate of both our subculture and in the everyday life of 2016. Confronting issues of race and racial identity, masculinity and machismo, and corruption and bigotry in politics and law enforcement, the overall narrative draws parallels to illustrate how the DIY scene in many aspects is very much a microcosm of society, both of which face abuses of privilege and power that need to be properly addressed, confronted, and ultimately destroyed. If there’s anything to take from this record, it’s to never trust power and those who hold it, as it will inevitably be used to abuse, exploit, and marginalize those without it.


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