Die Hardcore Band Expire aus Milwaukee (USA) hat ein „neues“ Album mit den Titel Old Songs auf Bridge 9 Records veröffentlicht. Dieses enthält die mittlerweile vergriffenen ersten beiden EPs Grim Rhythm & Suffer The Cycle der Band und einen Sampler Song.

In Deutschland ist Old Songs ab 25. März verfügbar. Die Platte kann ab sofort auf CoreTex vorbestellt werden.

Expire - Old Songs - Coretex

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1. 356     2:02
2. Navy Black Or Blue     1:16
3. Expired     1:19
4. Darker     1:15
5. Anchor     1:08
6. Sold Short     1:42
7. Sleep Lost     1:37
8. First Fall     1:02
9. Grip     1:44
10. Focus     1:31
11. Tucked Away     1:47

Milwaukee’s finest are gearing up to release their third full-length later in 2016, but before they do that, they’re looking back at some of the material they first made their name on. In 2011, Expire were a young and feisty quartet scraping their way through some of the most fierce and fresh hardcore around. Old Songs collects that era’s material onto one convenient release for fans, including their first two EPs and their contributing track to the 2012 America’s Hardcore compilation. The LP packaging includes a spot UV and embossed jacket with a heavy duty printed dust sleeve.

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