Be Well ist eine neugegründete Band, die im vergangenen Jahr eine erste Single veröffentlichte. Im August wird nun ihr heißerwartetes Debütalbum The Weight And The Cost folgen, das über End Hits Records und Equal Vision Records erscheinen wird.

Wir nahmen den bevorstehenden Output zum Anlass uns von Frontman Brian McTernan, der vielen von euch sicher auch als Sänger bei Battery bekannt ist, fünf Bands aus der Area Baltimore-Washington vorstellen zu lassen.

5 Bands to check out from Baltimore–Washington area

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Be Well (Bild zur Verfügung gestellt von Uncle M)
Be Well (Bild zur Verfügung gestellt von Uncle M)

My name is Brian Mcternan and I sing in Be Well. I grew up in DC, and live in Baltimore, MD now. The Baltimore/DC area has an awesome music scene with bands that are not only making great music, but are also amazing people.


Turnstile are easy to love. It’s super fun, energetic, and catchy, but they are also rad people and their shows are very inclusive. I produced Nonstop Feeling for them, and it has been amazing to watch their career evolve.

2No Man

This is all of the members of Majority Rule with our friend Maha singing. I love the people in this band deeply, but getting to see Maha perform is unreal.


Praise pulls inspiration from the early DC hardcore and 7 Seconds, which are the bands that most influenced me as well. They are wrapping up a new record now and it’s awesome.


I actually never got to see Mindset play, but I love the band. Their singer Evan is an amazing designer, architect, and also runs React Records, where he puts out some of the best bands out there.


Sharptooth sings about women’s issues and mental health in a way other bands don’t. They are great people and I am happy to see them doing so well.

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The Weight And The Cost wird am 21. August über End Hits Records und Equal Vision Records erscheinen.

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