THE REAL MCKENZIES wird Tourbus gestohlen


Das Horrorszenario einer tourenden Band: The Real McKenzies wurde vergangenen Woche, am 18. September, in Vancouver der Tourbus inklusive Anhänger und kompletter Backline gestohlen – und das unmittelbar vor Start ihrer US-Tour!

Auch wenn der Van kurze Zeit später wieder gefunden wurde, war die gesamte Backline im Wert von 7.000 $ verschwunden. Die Tour in den Staaten konnte zwar dennoch wie geplant starten, jedoch der Punk-Rock-Band aus Kanada dadurch ein hoher finanzieller Schaden entstanden. Ihr könnt The Real McKenzies hier in einer Crowdfunding-Kampagne etwas unter die Arme greifen.

Sänger Paul McKenzie zum Vorfall:


Our rented backline was stolen in Vancouver! The list included two Marshall 100 watt amps along with two 4×12 cabinets, as well as a 100 watt Ampeg bass head and SVT cabinet.

It was the morning of Sept 18th, the same day that I was to leave from Vancouver to pick up my band-mates at Seattle Seatac Airport to start our US tour. The van and rented trailer were packed along with a rented backline from Long + McQuade music store. I had my blanket and pillow and bag all ready to go. All of the sudden my phone rang, I answered. The voice on the other end asked me if I was Pk Mck. I answered “yes“. „Do you own a white Ford Econoline 350 with a U Haul trailer”? I replied “yes?” at the same time looking out of my window at the empty spot where I had parked the van and trailer the night before. Great.

On a good note, the police informed me that my van and trailer had been found however all of the gear from the trailer was stolen and that if I didn’t want my van impounded that I had to arrive at the crime scene in 5 minutes else the van and trailer would be towed! I asked my house mate for a lift, and we arrived at the crime scene soon thereafter. I convinced the police crew on duty to give me the van. I then returned the damaged trailer, paid for the damage, rented another trailer, drove to Long and McQuade. The man there said that if I wanted more gear, that he would “ sell” me the stolen gear and rent me more of exactly the same as I had ordered previously. The price was just under $7,000.00. I thanked him and loaded the gear into the trailer and drove directly to Seattle SeaTac Airport where I picked up the band lads, had one rehearsal and went on tour the next day.

We didn’t miss a show but starting the tour $7000 in the red is more than I can handle. This is why I’m asking for your help, please donate whatever you can, even the smallest gesture will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you – Paul McKenzie.

The Real McKenzies veröffentlichten 2017 mit Two Devils Will Talk ihr bislang letztes Album, das über Fat Wreck erschienen ist.

Unser Interview mit der Band auf dem Punk Rock Holiday 2017 findet ihr hier.


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