THE POLY-ESTERS im Interview


Nächste Woche kommt die englische Band The Poly-Esters zum ersten mal auf das Festland auf Tour. Anlass genug ein kleines Interview mit den Mädels zu führen!

AFL: Hey girls, it’s just a few weeks until you travel to the mainland for your first tour. What are you excited about most?

CATLOW: We’re looking forward to getting our music out there to new venues and new people, plus we get to have a little adventure with our best mates and see some new places!


AFL: You just released a EP and a split 7″ with Bloodlights, Trigger McPoopshute and Christmas, so there is quite a lot going on in the Poly-Esters Camp. Tell us sth about this!

CATLOW: Yeah it’s the first time we’ve had one of our tracks on vinyl, so we’re really happy about that. It’s a pretty busy time for us; we’ve had a few changes but we’re excited about the future of the Poly-Esters!

AFL: After your tour was booked unfortunally Nathalie, your singer and songwriter, left the band. How are you going to continue in the future?

CATLOW: We were all pretty upset when Natalie told us she was leaving, because she’s an awesome band member but also because we’re all such good friends, but we totally understood her reasons for going. We all bring something quite different to the band, we all write songs and provide a fairly equal split of vocals, so although it’s been a challenge to rework the songs and change a lot of vocals around, we’re feeling pretty confident about our upcoming shows as a threesome!

AFL: You got a pretty punky grunge sound. Since grunge is almost dead nowdays, how does your sound create?

KEZ: Grunge isn’t dead, it just smells like it!

AFL: ! You are from Blackpool, home of the REBELLION (before it was Holiday in the sun) Festival, one of the biggest punkfestivals in europe. How does the festival influence the scene over there and how is Blackpool the rest of the year?

KEZ: There’s more than 350 bands on this year. Daz Russel and crew never fail to deliver a heavy mix of classic headliners, unsung heroes, and upcoming new acts. Our Rebellion family just keeps growing, we really are spoilt rotten having the event here. Out of season life in this sleazy Sea Side resort can get pretty dark for local residents, and our material reflects that I guess. We rely on venues like The Waterloo that put great bands on all year round. Rebellion injects a good dose of colour and culture into this dirty little town.

AFL: This year you opened the „Empress Ballroom“, the main stage, at Rebellion. I guess this was your biggest show. How does it feel?

ELLIS: The Empress Ballroom made me feel like Mariah Carey. We were really grateful for the opportunity to play that stage, and grateful to the crowd.
CATLOW: Yeah the audience was amazing, we couldn’t believe how many people turned up for us. It was an incredible experience, definitely one of my favourite gigs to date.

AFL: The UK is known as the birthplace of punkrock. How does the scene there feel now and how is touring over there?

ELLIS: I’ve always felt proud of how strong the UK music scene is.

CATLOW: Yeah there’s a lot of history here when it comes to Punk music, and you can definitely feel that in the classic old venues and with the fans who’ve been on the scene for years.

KEZ: I guess touring in the UK is far from glamorous. Now they’ve banned smoking in bars all you can smell after 10pm is sweat, ass, and desperation… I fucking love it!


08.03.18 NL-Maastricht, ‚t Keldertje
09.03.18 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
10.03.18 D-Bad Kreuznach, AJK


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