10 Records Worth To Die For: #128 mit Strange? Gentle (Hard Luck Street / Trashcan Darlings)


2006 bin ich durch einen glücklichen Zufall in Wiesbaden auf einem Konzert der Trashcan Darlings gelandet. Nie zuvor klang eine Band so schief, war so laut und selten überzeugte mich eine Band auf Anhieb so sehr wie die fünf Norweger.

Ich legte mir zeitnah alle Alben zu und kam von Trashcan Darlings einfach nicht mehr los. 2008 löste sich die Band dann auf und Sänger Strange? Gentle gründete die Band Hard Luck Street. Hier stellt er uns nun seine zehn Lieblingsalben vor:

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1The Wanderers – Only Lovers left Alive (1981)

Post-Dead Boys and pre-The Lords of the New Church. This forgotten but amazing gem has been with me since I first heard it. Apocalyptic rock spiced with a little bit punk rock, a little goth rock and a little bit Alice Cooper rock. What’s not to love?

2The Clash – The Story of the Clash (1988)

To choose a compilation album on a list like this might be cheating, but this was the album that made me see the diversity and greatness of this band. I pretty much dig everything they did except the last album, and I love post stuff like The Mescaleros and Havana 3 Am, etc.

3Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (1957)

This is Rock n Roll. The ultimate rocker and the ultimate rock n roll band. Released in 1957, mind you.

4Andrew Matheson & The Brats – Grown Up Wrong (1975)

Everything is right about this album. One of the best rock n roll albums ever.

5Grace Cummings – Refuge Cove (2019)

Grace Cummings apparently just came out of nowhere in 2019 and released the best album I’ve heard in years. An amazing songwriter with a divine voice.

6Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Your Funeral, My Trial (1986)

Great songs, great atmosphere, and The Carny is one of my all-time favourite songs. An album I keep coming back to.

7The Stooges – Raw Power (1973)

The title says it all. This album has never been exceeded in rawness and power, not by anyone, ever. All the three original albums are great, and Kill City too, but this album is just crazy!

8The Saints – Eternally Yours (1978)

I love the Saints’ debut album, but the follow up is maybe even better. Know Your Product is the ultimate song of cool. The Saints were one of the most energetic bands from that period, and these songs sound just as great today.

9Wildhearts – Earth vs The Wildhearts (1993)

I have loved the Wildhearts since I first heard them in 1992. Almost any of their albums could be on this list, but I choose their debut from 1993. Mandatory at all parties!

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