Mackie (Epic Problem, Blitz)
Mackie (Epic Problem, Blitz)

Neil McLennan ist auch als Mackie bekannt. In den frühen 80ern hat er als Bassist bei Blitz gespielt und mit Voice Of A Generation ein wirklich wegweisendes Album veröffentlicht.
Zuletzt spielte er bei Epic Problem als Gitarrist mit und hat letztes Jahr alleine eine neue Version des Klassikers New Age aufgenommen.

Mackie ist ein super bodenständiger Typ mit einem prächtigen Sinn für Humor. Neben gutem Humor hat er auch einen sehr guten Musikgeschmack, aber lest selbst was seine liebsten Alben sind!

1The Clash – The Clash

Maybe the Pistols got more headlines and with never mind the bollocks more of a sonic attack/punk guitar sound to kill for. But the Clash were always my favourites I can honestly say this record changed my life, i fucking loved the Clash, they were the first band where i actually listened to the lyrics and the message, their take on working class politics and the way they were postive in trying to find answers instead of just smash shit up/anarchy, i hate everything. They made me want to join a band, not just stand on the sidelines watching.

The way they supported rock against racism and unity, and being an old fucker they were the best band ive ever seen live, i dont mean that in a they played perfectly in time or in tune but just the energy and the way you could see they believed every word.

2Slade – Slade alive

Slade were the first band i ever saw live. They played Belle vue manchester 1974, they were at there peak around that time knocking out class single after single. We were just young boot boys/football lads and Slade were our band, ex skinheads and kings of the rabble rousing chorus.

Gruff voiced, singalong anthems catchy choruses and loud guitars, sort of set the blueprint at an early age,

3David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Our little crew who would skive of school loved Bowie, any of hunky dory, Ziggy or Aladdin sane, chuck in pin ups, diamond dogs and the man who sold the world, all the early (ish) stuff. we wouls sing along not really knowing what the fuck he was on about , but we new it sounded ace.

I still know all the words and when i hear his stuff now its hairs on the back of the neck time all over again.

4Off With Their Heads – From The Bottom

I guess i just dont feel the same way about new music as the older stuff. My band Epic Problem got to play with OWTH a few times and im really into the melodic punk catchy not poppy but just good stuff they constantly put out.

Home had bigger songs but i just liked the raw production and songs like keep falling down and until the day are awesome punk rock.

5Paint It Black – New Lexicon

I drifted away from punk and music in general really, i used to dip in and out but nothing sounded new and fresh , everything had been re hashed and souped up/watered down.
I listened to the Punk show (rip) on radio one, most o the tracks passed me by then they played past tense , future perfect and i was blown away, fast yet a bit melodic , a hook to catch onto. hardcore but not the macho tough guy stuff.

I saw they happened to be coming to the UK to play manchester a few weeks later, so i went along and they were ace, friendly, supportive and fucking ripped live. all their albums are great but this just takes top spot.

6Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material

By 1979 the pistols were done the Clash were looking to the US so we needed new bands to come along.

SLF were for me one of the best second wave of punk bands , them , the ruts and the upstars were more real than the older bands and we still needed our fix of fast, positive punk rock. Inflammable material is a great record , look at the track listing-suspect device ,wasted life, alternative ulster, all future classics.

I saw them live around this time , loved Jake burns ripped throat vocals and the energy.

7Fugazi – 13 songs

A compilation of the bands first two EPs. Round about 88/89 bands were either splitting up or going more rock/metal or just treading the same path. I loved all the american hardcore bands like Bad braind,minor threat, black flag, but Fugazi wanted to try something different, punk in name still with a message but with more of a groove, allowing songs and ideas to stretch  out.

Being a Bass player i loved the almost funky repeated basslines and the scratchy guitars over the top.All the albums are worth having but this has to be on my list.

8Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

another from 88, Public enemys sonic attack leaps out from the first bars of bring the noise, political stance, tension ,hard line lyrics, the bomb squads dense layered noise sampling production , and on top of that Chuck Ds sublime rapping style, never bettered in my humble opinion.

9Fucked Up – David Comes To Life

The newest album in my list, even though its already 10 years old and they are playing gigs to celebrate the fact.

18 songs , so its along one, a concept album but dont let that put you off, the songs are just so strong in their own right a great live band with one of the best frontmen out there.

10Leatherface – Mush

Best for last? Maybe. I only got to see Leatherface once, i was late to the party but what a joy to catch up on what i might have missed.

If you like rough voices but soulful vocals guitars intertwining  and brilliant melodies over heartfelt melodies, these boys wrote the book.

Often copied but never bettered. If i could write a song as perfect as Springtime my work on this planet would be done.


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