10 Records Worth To Die For: #193 mit Jim Taylor (Bruise Control)


Jim kenne ich nun seit knapp zwei Jahren. Er hat meine Band auf einem Festival gesehen und war gleich begeistert von unserer Show. Wir hatten seither immer wieder Kontakt und seine Band spielte 2022 als vorletzte Band des Tages auf dem Manchester Punk Fest. Ohne Erwartungen und, aufgrund enormer Müdigkeit vor allem aus Sympathie ihm gegenüber habe ich mir dann seine Band, Bruise Control, angesehen. Niemals hätte ich gedacht, dass seine Band die für mich wohl beste Band des Festivals sein wird. Bier schoss aus allen Ecken, die Leute waren nonstop am Crowdsurfen. Phänomenal!
Nun hat die Band ihr erstes Album in der Pipeline und mit enormer Vorfreude kann ich es kaum erwarten die Scheibe zu hören. Jim hat sich die Zeit genommen seine zehn Lieblingsplatten vorzustellen, dabei sind einige Überraschungen!

1Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak

The first album that popped into my head has to be Jailbreak. With Thin Lizzy being my all-time favourite band this was a no-brainer for sure. This album by far encapsulated all that Thin Lizzy was and is to me. In fact as I type this I am watching a live performance of Thin Lizzy playing at Rockpalast.

2Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers – L.A.M.F

I have ‚Born T’Lose‘ tattood across my stomach because of this album. That is more to do with it being the favourite album of a good friend who is no longer with us, this was one of his favourite albums. There is no song on tuis album that isn’t a pumper.
RIP Leon x

3Adolescents – Adolescents

Growing up skating almost daily, this album was played alot in my ears. I used to use the song ‚Rip it Up‘ to psych myself up to try a new trick. Introduced to me via Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 with the song Amoeba. I got to see this band Live in 2013 at Rebellion Festival, it was a dream come true to hear those songs live that I played so many times skating as a kid! They also covered Dead Boys‘ Sonic Reducer too and it absolutely melted my head to see a colab of two greats like that for me. Which leads me onto my next album..

4Dead Boys – Young Loud and Snotty

Another album I used to blast when skating to, start to finish has bangers, with very little filler. What I love about this album is that they switch the tempo up than just the usual 3 chord fast chugging of punk, and it still holds its values as powerful song you can smash around to no matter the tempo. I’d be surprised to meet anyone into punk who hasn’t either heard Dead Boys Sonic Reducer or seen a local band cover this song. All-time classic album.

5Gary Newman – The Pleasure Principle

I came across this album only a couple of years ago in its entirety, but fucking hell what an album. Its understood this album changed the game, I just love the powerful synths that rattle my brain on each song. It has an almost War of the Worlds feel to it listened in full, I hate it when people say it takes you on a journey…but this album pretty much will do.

6Black Sabbath – Vol.4

The first Black sabbath I owned, got it for £2 from a charity shop. When I got this album I didnt even know too many sabbath songs, but as soon as I heard it I was instantly hooked. This album started a life long obsession with Black Sabbath for me. Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes – Skip this song to 2:30 and wait for the single greatest drum fill of all time. I will die on that hill if anyone has a better drum fill to show me.

7Stiff Richards – DIG

I was shown this band in 2021, Aussie Punk Rock at its finest. Every single song on this album is catchy and makes me want to start smashing about no matter where I am. The power in this dudes vocals is next level especially in the song DIG. So much so I travelled to Berlin just to see this band play and I’m so glad I did because it was one of the best gigs I saw in 2022 hands down. Check this band out.

8Khruangbin – Mordechai

I love funk/disco/psych. This band combines all 3 for me, especially in this album. It’s mellow at times, but it makes you wanna dance for sure. The music videos to the singles are one of the best things about this album. I’ve only seen this band once but it was in the top 3 best sets I have EVER seen out of any genre.

9G.L.O.S.S – Demo 2015

Not strictly an album, but something I am willing to die for. Raw power from start to finish. One of only Two EP’s this band did in the end. It’s sad that I couldnt have heard any more of their music but I also think that they could have just released the one EP for it to be even more amazing. To debut a ‚demo‘ that is so tight and powerful you can’t help but want more. But I’d always prefer for a band to make less music that is great than keep trying to bring out releases that are shit for the sake of it.

Holiday – California Steamin‘
This album is just unreal. Unreal in the sense that it is wall to wall full of bangers and also unreal that in a time where every great band in the DIY scene in Manchester was making much heavier stuff, this Major/Happy sounding almost mellow album came out and fitted right in among much heavier sounds. I still listen to this album weekly and urge you all to check it out.


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Und hier noch die erwähnte Show vom Manchester Punk Festival:


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