CAPITAL ENEMY im Interview „Knowledge of the Wicked“


Nach einer Demo (2015) und der EP Life Sentence aus dem Jahr 2016 legen Capital Enemey aus Australien am 24. August 2018 ihr Debütalbum über 10-54 Records vor. Wir konnten den Jungs ein paar Fragen stellen, indem wir mehr über die Hardcore-Abrissbirne erfahren konnten.

AFL: Can you briefly introduce yourself and Capital Enemey to everyone who don’t know you so far?


Jason: What’s up everyone! This is Jason here, and I am the vocalist of CE! Tallis and Will play guitar, Stui on bass and Matty on drums! Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

AFL: What would you say are your main influences? Maybe you can name five bands which are influence your sound mostly!

Well I’d say generally speaking we are a metalcore band, therefore influenced by both metal and hardcore.

Jason: Our metal influences come from bands such as Lamb Of God, Chimaira and Pantera. While our hardcore influences come from the likes of Hatebreed, Throwdown and Madball. We shake things up from time to time with some progressive and even melodic stuff here and there, so safe to say we are a bit of everything heavy!

AFL: What are your favorite records which have released this year?

Jason: First up would have to be my homies in Earth Caller, with there record Crystal Death! Best guys and the record is killer. Another would have to be Cold Ground with Destroy The Illusion Of Peace. Two really good Australian bands worth checking out! Oh, and massive props to the new Madball record, cause who doesn’t love Madball. Haha!

AFL: And which bands should absolutely release a new record this year?

Jason: Every band that exists and has drive and determination. Making music is rad, everyone should do it!

 AFL: Here are some words. What are your first thoughts to it?

  • Australian Hardcore: one of the strongest scenes in the world!
  • Germany: the best beer in the world.
  • Punk-Rock: awesome to listen to while drinking beer.
  • Sport: depends on the sport, but I’m all about fair competition!
  • Straight Edge: heaps of respect to those who follow!

 AFL: Thank you for the interview! Any last words or something to add?

Jason: Just want to say thanks again for anyone who ha supported Capital Enemy since our founding, and I really hope you all love and tell your friends about our debut record „KNOWLEDGE OF THE WICKED“. Drops August 24th via 1054 Records, Australia! Get that shit, and spread the word! We love you all.

Knowledge Of The Wicked wird am 24. August 2018 über 10-54 Records erscheinen.

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Capital Enemy – Knowledge Of The Wicked
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