Diese Woche erfahrt ihr alle heißen Musiktips, um die brüchtigen 10 Records Worth To Die For von Gretchen Steel – Frontfrau der kanadischen Metalpunks ZEX!

Unser Review zu ihrem aktuellen Album Uphill Battle, das 2017 erschienen ist, findet ihr hier.

1Peilitalossa by Musta Paraati Hyvää yötä

This is by far my favorite song of all time. The spooky vibe always gives me goosebumps. I love how the drum and bass is turned up super loud for all their songs. It definitely sends out that dancey post punk vibe which makes it impossible not to move while you listen to this record. The drumming on this record gets me wet.

2Voice of a Generation by Blitz

Obvious punk choice. One punk anthem after the other for you to lose your shit to. Substance 1987 by New Order This record had a major impact on me growing up. I must have listened to it hundreds of times back in high school. Pop geniuses. So fun to sing along to every tune on this record.

3Death or Glory by Heavy Load

A real savage fucking record. Screaming along to songs like Heavy Metal Angels, might for right, my guitar is my sword, and take me away… infectious. The power I feel in my body from hearing this record is like taking the strongest line of cocaine you can imagine. If you haven’t given it a listen…you have to.

4Vice Human by Vice Human Cult

Metal at its best. „I long to kill you beast“ is definitely my favorite jam on this record. It’s THE song to sing to your enemies.

5Unchained by Thor

Pure muscle. Pure power. Pure chain breaking, mirror smashing, fist pumping, headbanging badassery. Thor is king.

6Singles Going Steady by The Buzzcocks

One hit after the other. I mean, the description is on the title of the record really.

7Damned Damned Damned by The Damned

This is definitely the record I have listened to the most in my life. I had a fucked up obsession with Dave Vanian that got a tad out of hand…. but back to the record. Amazing jams, packed with energy and a serious snotty attitude. If you’re a teenager and hate you parents, blast this shit.

8 Marching orders by Screaming Sneakers

It’s all about that voice.

9Bites by Skinny Puppy

Lyrically skinny puppy is undefeatable. ‚Assimilate‘ is easily my favorite hit on this record. Such an evil, dark sound but infectiously dancey as well. If you want to read some seriously influential writing check out their lyrics.

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