Traurige Nachrichten aus dem österreichischen Hause Astpai. Nach nunmehr acht Jahren verlässt Drummer Toni ab 2019 die Band, um sich anderen Sachen im Leben zu widmen. Folgendes Statement wurde über die Facebook-Seite der Band veröffentlicht:

„I had a really hard time deciding to leave ASTPAI (as well as finally coming up with these words). For more then eight years, this wasn’t just a band for me, but the very essence of my whole existence. In the last years however, the financial troubles i got myself into too often forced me to follow some other paths to get along, which in the end made me realise that there’s other things than ASTPAI that can fulfil me and give my life meaning. Especially this year, i found myself buried in too many commitments, and often had a hard time spending life on the road while having unfinished business waiting at home. I have to admit that i wouldn’t have had the heart to quit the band if not for Zock, Bernie and Marco, who where really understanding and supportive and helped me make the decision that’s best for me, no matter what it means for the band. I’m extremely grateful and lucky to be able to call these three guys the closest friends i’ll ever have and for all the monumental adventures we got to spend together. But i also want to express my most sincere thanks to everyone that made the last eight years the time of my life, everyone that worked with us, booked us, hosted us, played with us and came out to our shows. I know that i owe all of my happiest memories to every single one of you! I’d also like to thank my family, who were always supportive, although they’d always hoped i’d choose a different „career“, especially my brother and sister, whom i never got to see growing up while being away so much, my girlfriend, who never stood between me and all my crazy plans, and all my friends who were always welcoming, no matter how long i hadn’t gotten in touch. I always thought that i’d be part of this band and this band would be part of me forever, and right now i can’t even imagine myself not being in ASTPAI anymore, but at the same time i feel the urgent need to – putting it in Zocks’s words here – take care of all the unread books up on my shelf. I really hope that i’ll be able to look back on this more honest then sentimental; and i’m more than certain that i will bump in every one of you eventually in the future to dwell on some good, old memories!“

Das Konzert der Band am 28. Dezember in Graz soll als Abschiedskonzert für den virtuosen Drummer fungieren. Die Band aus Wien hatte zuletzt im Juli diesen Jahres ihr Album True Capacity veröffentlicht. Wir wünschen Toni für die Zukunft nur das Beste!


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