GROVE STREET veröffentlichen neue Single „Ulterior Motives“


Das Hardcore/Thrash-Quintett Grove Street aus Southampton hat mit Ulterior Motives einen Vorgeschmack auf ihr Debütalbum The Path To Righteousness veröffentlicht, das am 29. September 2023 über UNFD erscheint.

Sandy (Gitarre) zum Track:

Ulterior Motives is a song that goes through the motions of someone who is stuck in a toxic and abusive relationship with someone or something – be it a partner, friend or substance, or even a vice like gambling – and cannot find a way out. They keep getting pulled back into the situation at hand; they’re in love, addicted, and can’t see the impact of damage that’s being done to them, because they’ve got rose tinted glasses on. Musically this is one of our favourite tracks on the record, I feel like it captures our sound as a whole perfectly; from the bouncy hip-hop inspired grooves in the intro that lead into the thrash feel. The outro is personally my proudest part of the record, I remember writing that and being so surprised with myself – like, where the fuck did that come from!

Josh (Schlagzeug) zum Video:

The Ulterior Motives video started life as a ‚Tour Survival Guide‘ skit imagined by Sully (vocals). We were spitballing ideas in the van about all the trials and tribulations we’ve faced being in a touring band, reminiscing about all the previous funny ventures we’ve experienced together. Most of these skits are based on true stories, like the time our van got clamped in Slovenia and Joe (bass), using nothing but brute force, managed to rip it off. We hope that other bands can relate to our experiences, and it’ll also give people an insight into the touring lifestyle

Grove Street – 2023


Grove Street – CoverArtWork

01 Regressing Forward
02 Hunting Season
03 Lessons of the Past
04 Caught Slippin‘
05 The Path to Righteousness
06 Ulterior Motives
07 Born II Lose
08 Shift
09 Sick & Tired
10 T.Y.D.O.
11 Cycle of Grief

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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