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Nachdem wir Veilside Sänger Tritschi im März vergangenen Jahres noch bei uns im Interview zu ihrem Neuanfang hatten, hat die Hardcore Band aus Frankfurt am Main nun ihre Auflösung bekanntgegeben. Als Gründe für die Trennung werden vor allem persönliche Gründe genannt.

Veilsde gründete sich 2012 und veröffentlichte seitdem eine Demo (2013) und eine Split mit Low Life (2014). Nach diversen Besetzungswechseln über die Jahre wechselte die Band 2017 vom englischsprachigen zum Hardcore mit deutschen Lyrics. Die Songs waren geschrieben und ein Album in Planung, doch dieses wird nun wohl leider nicht mehr erscheinen.

Für alle unter euch, die den Jungs noch einmal die letzte Ehre erweisen wollen, wird es im Sommer 2018 eine Abschiedsshow geben. Mehr Infos dazu demnächst!

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Hier das ausführliche Statement der Band zur Auflösung:

We’re sorry for the long break, but got a final message to you!

We’re very sad to announce that we are going to break up this year.
Times and situations in life change constantly and it was a heartbreaking decision for me (Tritschi) to finally leave the band due personal reasons. We’re still friends and after five intense years, thousands of kilometers on the road and a hell of a time it was time for me to walk another path. It was especially hard because we use to have our 5-years-stage-anniversary in March this year!
As we were talking about my thoughts, we came in common together that it would not make sense to carry on under the flag of VEILSIDE.
Joe and Samu will start a new project so watch out! Manu will carry on with the thrashers in Zero To None and I will focus on Erfurts based Ninetynine.
Just to avoid rumours: Yes we will play a final show in summer an announcement will coming up.

I think I speak for my actual and former bandmates to say a big THANK YOU to all promoters, bands we played with (there are too many to mention), bookers, labels (escpecially CORE TEX), supporters, friends we made, the CCC, partners, handshakers and shittalkers for five incredible years!!
Right from the start we had thousands of incredible impressions that gave us a meaning in life and helped us keeping the PMA through tough times. We were able to see places we never expected to see, found new points of view and played with bands that we personally adore. It was living full speed ahead!

sometimes pissed, sometimes calm, sometimes rude, sometimes with an open mind, sometimes antisocial but always antifascist… Veilside always was more than just a bunch of friends playing hardcore music. It was a medium to keep the spirit of PMA, DIY, friendship and commitment alive. A lot of people touched our heart, espacially the awesome bands we were touring with. We totally appreciated it!

RIP 2013 – 2018

Hope to see again!
Cheerio, we salute you!

We're sorry for the long break, but got a final message to you!We're very sad to announce that we are going to break…

Posted by Veilside Hardcore on Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

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