Bei 5 Sho(r)ts gibt es eine Box. In dieser Box befinden sich Karten in drei Kategorien, Serious, Music und Fun. Der/die Interviewpartner*in/en ziehen aus jeder Kategorie eine Karte und danach noch zwei zur freien Auswahl. Niemand weiß, welche Fragen sich dahinter verbergen. Der Fragenpool wächst auch immer wieder an. Somit werden den Interviewten nicht die selben abgedroschenen Fragen gestellt und es ist immer ein etwas anderes Interview.

#14 – Erik Ohlsson & Mathias Färm (Millencolin)

Nach Abba und Ace of Base wohl einer der bekanntesten Exportschlager Schwedens… Nein, das ist jetzt etwas übertrieben, aber Millencolin kennt man schon. Der Vierer aus Örebro ist seit 1992 unterwegs und auch immer noch in Originalbesetzung. Findet man heute auch nicht mehr all zu oft. Erik und Mathias waren auf jeden Fall sehr gut gelaunt und haben sich schöne Karten gezogen:

1Kategorie „SERIOUS“: In my opinion every band should have a clear standing. Would you tell me yours?

Mathias: Well, of course I´m a very political human being, but sometimes I like to keep politics for myself, you know. Sometimes we express our feelings through our band. I´m debating a lot at home about about politics and stuff. Millencolin has not always been avery political in the lyrics. Lately the last two albums have been more political as we usually been. In Sweden or maybe the whole world there´s a need to tell people how to behave. Good values and so…

Eric: A little bit too much dumbness these days.

Mathias: We do the best we can.

2Kategorie „FUN“: Your lost on a lonely island. What music album, what food that never ends and what drink would you need to stay alive and well?

5 Shots Bild
5 Shots Bild

Eric: Going backwards. Bier of course is what we need for the drink. A plane Lager.

Mathias: Yeah of course, beer is good. And what food would we need? What do we like the most? Maybe Asian food. Tahi food…

Eric: I would actually do poke bowl.

Mathias: No I don´t like that. Do we have to share?

Eric: Are we together? („NO“). Ok, the I do the poke bowl.

Mathias: I´ll do Laksa. That´s a Malaysian noudle soup. I love it. Now we have Music.

Eric: I would have Rancid – …and out come the wolves with me.

Mathias: I would probably do a maybe Weezer album. The one with Island in the sun, I guess. The green one. Cause we´re on a sunny island, right?

3Kategorie „MUSIC“: Promote your new/actual album in three sentences.

Mathias: Powerful.

Eric: That´s not a sentence.

Mathias: It is powerful.

Eric: And good.

Mathias: And very political.

4Kategorie „Serious“: Are you in or do you support any organization against racism, antisemitism or any other discrimination?

Eric: Not really involved. I donate money to organizations. But not like super involved.

Mathias: No one knows. We do not make a big thing out of it.

Eric: I´m not a member of Greenpeace, but I send them money.

Mathias: We´re not super involved in a special organization. But everytime something… sometimes you feel a need to… For me, you know there´s elections coming up in Sweden this autum and it is important to me to vote for the right party. Maybe it´s not gonna be the party I totally like but it´s better to vote for something that has a chance to win and make the country better. So that´s a thing that I am involed in my mind a lot. To do the right thing. And to try to bring people to vote.

5Kategorie „MUSIC“: Are there any musical role models that influenced your band?

Mathias: Of course there is. There is, I think for us Mr. Brett and Greg Graffin from Bad Religion had a huge impact on our band. We started to write music in English. Bad Religion for me is like The Beatles for our fathers generation.

Eric: And Tim Armstrong. I specially like his melodies. Operation Ivy was a influence for us.


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