Die britische Punk-Rock Band Bad Ideas verkündeten ihre Auflösung. Kleiner Wehrmutstropfen ist, dass die Band davor noch ein letztes Album veröffentlichen wird. Das dritte Album von Bad Ideas soll im Sommer erscheinen. Hier ein Statement von Sänger Sam Cook zur Entscheidung der Band:

“As the founding member of Bad Ideas all of five years ago, and the main catalyst in this decision, Ive been nominated to write this- but I will try to speak for us as a collective as much as possible here… Bad Ideas has been a massive part of our lives. We’ve had endless amazing experiences, and met countless wonderful people in many different parts of the world. We’ve had incredible support, understanding, and love from so many of these creative, caring and marvellous individuals, and first and foremost- THANK YOU to you all!”

- Werbung -
– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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