Blindside USA – Wave Of Regret (EP)

BLINDSIDE USA, from Kansas City, MO, formed in the fall of 2014. After recording a demo heavily influenced by late 80’s NYHC (Breakdown & Agnostic Front) and early 2000’s hardcore (Mental & Justice). They are back with their 6 track debut 7’’. Some say that Blindside USA is hardcore for the punks and punk for the jocks, but either way they’re comin‘ from the blindside.

Für Fans von: Breakdown, Agnostic Front, Mental, Justice

Genre: Hardcore, Straight Edge, NYHC

- Werbung -

Herkunft: Kansas City, MO (USA)

Label: Straight & Alert Records


1. Watch You Drop 01:19
2. Can’t Stand 01:26
3. Not Punk 01:23
4. Chained Relief 01:55
5. Blind 02:00
6. Wave Of Regret 02:27

Format: 7″ Vinyl

Pressing Info:
Pink / Preorder cover / 150 Stück
Black / 350 Stück

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