FOUR YEAR STRONG veröffentlichen Video zu „Nice To Know“


Die Pop-Punks von Four Year Strong  werden am 8en September ihr Album „Some Of You Will Like This, Some Won’t“ veröffentlichen, auf welchem neben Raritäten, unplugged Songs auch ungehörte Originale zu hören sein werden.

Von diesem Album stammt auch der Song „Nice To Know“, zu welchem sie nun ein Video veröffentlicht haben.

Die Band kommentiert den Song wie folgt:


This song was written during the writing process of In Some Way Shape Or Form, it was recorded to be on the album but was cut from the track listing last minute. This rendition is actually the fourth time we’ve recorded it, each time was very different, but this one is the first to feel like it’s meant to be heard.


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1. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong R…
2. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
3. Go Down In History
4. We All Float Down Here
5. Nice to Know
6. Who Cares
7. Let Me Down Again
8. Stuck in the Middle
9. Abandon Ship
10. Your Ego is Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash
11. This Summer Session
12. For Our Fathers

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