Tear Them Down haben mit Dystopian Beats ein unglaublich starkes Album veröffentlicht. Hier steckt der Teufel Ganz oft im Detail!

Wir haben Viktor nach seinen Lieblingsplatten gefragt um damit einen kleinen Einblick hinter die privaten musikalischen Kulissen bekommen. Viel Spaß damit!

1Propagandhi – Today’s empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes

I don’t understand why they re-mastered this record since it is flawless.

2Fugazi – 13 songs

Fugazi has been a huge influence both musically and personally for me.
Even though the term sellout is thrown around in the punk world way too often one thing is for sure. Fugazi never gave up on their ethos and principles, and that dedication is pretty cool whether you agree with all their choices or not. I love all of their albums but Waiting Room is such an epic opener so for this list I’ll pick 13 songs.

3Descendents – Milo goes to College

Iconic, revolutionizing and still holds up. The energy of the line-up on this album never came close on any of their other records.

4Bad Religion – Suffer

I have on several occasions said that if I only have to listen to one band for the rest of my life it would be Bad Religion. Almost impossible to choose between Suffer, No Control and Against The grain so I’ll just pick the one I heard first.

5NOFX – White Trash Two heebs and a Bean

There are a lot of albums, other NOFX albums included, better than this but I still remember the first time I heard it after only being exposed to mainstream rock and punk. It was like a whole new world opened to me and because of that this album has a special place in my heart. Stickin in my eye is a pretty gnarly song.

6The Bouncing Souls – How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The more I think about it – this album was one of the reasons I really started to believe that it was possible to play punk music with a bunch of my best friends, travel the world and have a lot of fun on the way. If four guys from New Jersey could do it, why not four guys from Gothenburg? Kinda ironic since their drummer got kicked out of the band prior to this record. Oh well.

7Thrice – The Illusion of Safety

Let me tell ya’ll a story about a teenage kid in Gothenburg that heard a song from this record and had to tell a friend to pick this record up for him on his family trip to New York because it was impossible to get a hold of in Sweden. And record labels gave us shit for pirating – what the fuck? These guys also pulled of mixing punk with just enough metal so this pick isn’t just a story about buying records in 2002

8One Man Army – Last Word Spoken

Jack Dalrymple is probably my favorite punk singer and this record has the perfect mix between melody and attitude. By far my favorite trio.

9Dead to Me – Cuban Ballerina

I have been waiting for a new Dead To Me album since they reunited with Jack in 2014. The singles they have put out are all killer but come on – give me a new full length! Ah well I guess I’ll listen a million times more to Cuban Ballerina.

10Paint it Black – CVA

My favorite album from my favorite Dan Yemin band. Awesome fast paced hardcore with no song over 1:40 and a lot of them clocking in in under one minute. Even though the songs are short, all of them have a lot of cool details to keep you on your toes.


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