Flash House sind eine der lautesten Bands Englands. Mit ihrem aktuellen Album sind die Jungs zuhause in aller Munde und auch live wird alles von ihnen weggeballert. Bassist Matt hat uns seine zehn Lieblingsalben vorgestellt!

1Burning Love – Rotten thing to say

One of those rare perfect records, Even the instrumental track feels right… Chris Colohan from Cursed playing meaty hardcore rock n roll and produced by Kurt  Ballou, you can’t really ask for much more than that. The Lyrics are super tight on this record too, tracks like Broken Glass and Karla keep getting better every listen. Essential

2Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil

Black on black pentagram on the sleeve , death, drugs and strippers…. What 15 year old kid isn’t going to love that? The A side is pretty much all killer, Looks that kill, Bastard and Helter Skelter. I’ve got a real crappy bootleg of them playing London on the Shout at the Devil tour and they sound nasty, pissed off and angry, pity they followed this up with Theatre of Pain which to be fair is utter dogshit.

3Monster Magnet – Dopes to infinity

I’d heard a few tracks by Monster Magnet but they hadn’t really clicked until I saw them live for the first time in 1998, they played in the middle of the day at some festival, smashed through a set and finished with a cover of Kick out the Jams where they lit a guitar on fire and broke it in to tiny pieces. Dopes to Infinity is great and there’s not a better title for a song than Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

4Hellacopters – 1995

Theres not a bad Hellacopters release, one of the most consistent bands ever so it’s pretty much impossible to pick a favourite.  I got into them on the Paying the Dues record but the first couple of singles are just gold. 1995, Tilt city and Freespeedin’, any band would be happy to write one of those tracks on their third or fourth album.. to have all three on your debut single just says it all about the Hellacopters.

5Turbonego – Hot cars and spent contraceptives

I bought some compilation CD called Sleazy Listening or something back in 99 with great tracks by Hellride, Gluecifer, Nebula etc and a Live version of I Got Erection by Turbonegro, bought  Ass Cobra and then worked my way back to Hot Cars. Such an underrated album, still got some of the humour of their later releases but the venom and aggression wasn’t matched again.. there’s a real darkness and dread to Hot cars that gets me everytime… and that intro.

6Murder City Devils – Thelema

A guy who worked at my student union in Art school gave me a burnt cdr of this and it blew my mind. ‘That’s what you get’ is one of the greatest break up songs ever written, Spencer Moody has a way of writing that makes you want to drink whiskey, hang out with your friends and cry all in under 3 minutes.

7Zeke – Kicked in the Teeth

I love every Zeke record but this one holds such good memories of getting wasted and playing music with friends, this record is a consistent inspiration for every band I’ve been in for that exact reason. No one will ever be as fast, filthy or mean as Zeke, I remember seeing their last show with Sonny in front of about 30 people and being terrified.

8Poison Idea – Feel the Darkness

Where Turbonegro nicked everything from.

9Gallows – Grey Britain

Gallows changed the game overnight for me.  I’d been happy enough playing scandi infused rock n roll for a couple of years and just recently moved with my band down to London, I went to the underworld for a This is Hell show and Gallows supported.. jeez. I just remember standing there and thinking ‘well that’s my band fucked’ nothing on earth compared to Gallows at that point. I went back a couple of days later to watch them open for the MC5/DKT and they were even better than before.

10The Hookers – Satan’s Highway

Without the Hookers there wouldn’t be a Flash House.  A few years ago I was hanging out with Crusty (Flash House vocals, guitar) and saw that the Hookers were due to play a London gig, the support bands looked fucking shit so I said to Crusty why don’t we form a band and support so we don’t have to pay for gig tickets. I knew the promoter so lied to him about having a band and we got the gig. Formed a band with some of Crusty’s mates, had two rehearsals and played! I was singing at that point because I was too lazy and shit to learn the songs in time. I think we played six songs that me and crusty wrote in about two days and a FEAR cover. Two of those songs made it on to BROWN SAUCE. As a side note the guys from the Hookers were awesome, watched our set from the front, sang along to the FEAR cover and then shared their whiskey with us… no one’s been as kind to us since.


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