Napalm Death (Pressebild)
Napalm Death (Pressebild)

Napalm Death werden am 11. Februar 2022 über Century Media Records ein neues Mini-Album mit dem Titel Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes veröffentlichen.

Mit Narcissus gibt es aus dem „Partner“-Album von Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism, das 2020 erschienen ist, auch schon eine erste Single, die ihr am Ende des Beitrags findet. Sänger Mark “Barney” Greenway zum neuen Song:

“You can certainly consider ‘Resentment Is Always…‘ as an extension of – or partner recording to – the ‘Throes…‘ album. We had long since wanted to put a mini-album out – in the spirit of the old days – and found we had enough quality tracks even after all the ‘Throes…‘ bonus tracks to do that.

Hopefully this mini holds some nice twists in its own right for people, and certainly covering ‘People Pie‘ by Slab! made us really stretch ourselves, which feels great artistically. In the end, resentment is certainly seismic – it can trigger the complete erosion of humanity in many situations. That was the point that I really wanted to hammer home overall.”
A stream of the opening track has newly made its way online and is available below. Greenway said of it:
“‘Narcissus‘ just seemed to fit the bill as one of those rampaging tracks that we always seem to gravitate towards as an album opener. The low-slung concrete mixer bassline at the start really ushers it in nicely. It was written at a time when the ‘alt-right’ was parading itself around, so lyrically I like to think it exposes the vanity and personality cult of that whole thing.”

Für Napalm Death soll es es im Februar 2022 auf Campaign For Musical Destruction-Tour gehen. Dort im Package sind außerdem Siberian Meat Grinder, Doom und Show Me The Body geplant. Hier die Termine und die neue Single:


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03-Feb-22 Magdeburg-Factory (GER)
04-Feb-22 Wrocław-Concert Center A2 (POL)
05-Feb-22 Budapest-A38 (HUN)
06-Feb-22 Wien- Arena (AUT)
07-Feb-22 München-Backstage Werk (GER)
09-Feb-22 Manchester-Club Academy (UK)
10-Feb-22 Glasgow-Classic Grand (UK)
11-Feb-22 Buckley-The Tivoli (UK)
12-Feb-22 Birmingham-Hammerfest (UK)
13-Feb-22 London-Electric Ballroom (UK)
15-Feb-22 Paris-La Machine du Moulin Rouge (FRA)
16-Feb-22 Besançon-La Rodia (FRA)
17-Feb-22 Marseille-Le Jas Rod (FRA)
18-Feb-22 Biarritz-Atabal Biarritz (FRA)
19-Feb-22 Mérignac-Krakato (FRA)
22-Feb-22 Paderno Dugnano-Slaughter Club (ITA)
23-Feb-22 Nürnberg-Z-Bau (GER)
24-Feb-22 Brno-Sono (CZE)
25-Feb-22 Leipzig-WERK 2 (GER)
26-Feb-22 Herford-X-Herford (GER)
27-Feb-22 Utrecht, Tivoli (NLD)
01-Mar-22 Hamburg-Gruenspan (GER)
02-Mar-22 Oberhausen-Turbinenhalle (GER)
03-Mar-22 Lindau, Club Vaudeville (GER)
04-Mar-22 Mannheim-Alte Feuerwache (GER)
05-Mar-22 Berlin-Astra Kulturhaus (GER)
06-Mar-22 Eindhoven-Dynamo (NLD)

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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