Doc Rotten aus New Jersey geben Gas! Letztes Jahr hat die Gruppe eine erfolgreiche Tour durch Europa gespielt, die nächste ist in Planung. Drummer AJ hat sich die Zeit genommen uns seine zehn Lieblingsalben vorzustellen!

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

1The Misfits – Walk Among Us

This album is my favorite Misfits record and it never gets old. Between the tone and style of songs, I feel that they captured lighting in a bottle.

2Cock Sparrer – Shock Troops

I still haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live yet but I listen to them constantly and this is my favorite record from them. However I did get to see Rancid and DKM play “Take Em All” live in Asbury Park, NJ and they’ve made my list too.

3Rancid – …And Out Come The Wolves

This tape got stuck in my boom box for quite a while.  One of the few tapes I had as a kid that got ruined from overplaying. When I flipped it to side B I’d fast forward until I got to “Journey To The End Of The East Bay” but as I got older I realized that EVERY song was perfect!

4The Damned – Machine Gun Etiqutte

One of the best shows I’ve ever seen live is The Damned with TSOL and The Briefs. This record is why I fell in love with this band. No matter how crazy the lyrics are the songs are all fun!

5NOFX – Punk In Drublic

This is my favorite band so picking a favorite album by them is difficult. So I chose the one that I heard first.  “Punk Guy” was the first song I heard by them and then “Perfect Government”. I didn’t know my friend had the CD player on shuffle but this record is singlehandedly responsible for taking me down the punk rock rabbit hole for the rest of my life.

6Green Day – Dookie

I was fortunate to grow up with people around me who were way cooler than me.  My memory may not be quite accurate but it feels like I heard Nirvana, NOFX, and Green Day all in the same week (or maybe the same day). NOFX became my favorite band but when I was learning to play drums Dookie was the record I went for to play along with. I know I’ll never be as cool as Tre but I also know I’ll never be as good of a drummer as him either!

7The Clash – The Clash

I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of static for putting these guys so far down but fuck you its my list. This band did a lot of weird stuff and I absolutely love this record!

8The Bouncing Souls – Hopeless Romantic

To say I love this band would be a massive understatement so choosing my favorite Souls record is like picking my favorite child. So if I ever have a kid his or her first name will be Hopeless. One of the best. A perfect balance of fun and heartfelt lyrics.

9Dr. Dre – The Chronic

This was 1 of the first 2 tapes that I ever had in my life. The other was Violent Femmes and although I like that album this record brought a smile to my face. I was born and raised in NJ but always gravitated towards west coast music. This is a fun record.

10Dropkick Murphy’s – Blackout

Some days this record is #1 on my list but right now it’s #10. That’s my way of saying I love this record and I’m not shitting on it by putting it at #10. I remember the day I bought it at the mall and put it in my car stereo, (which I invested too much into) and “Walk Away” started playing. I felt like they wrote that song specifically for me.  Every time I hear it I remember the first time I heard it and that feeling always comes back to me. I don’t know what the inspiration for it was and I don’t care. It hits me every time and I love them for that.

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »


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