Support Your Locals #12 mit Felipe von BROTHERS TILL WE DIE


Brothers Till We Die aus Madrid werden Anfang Juli ihr neues Album Touch These Wounds / I Came Back From Death über Dead Serious Recordings veröffentlichen. Wir nahmen das bevorstehende Release zum Anlass Frontmann Felipe Alemán seine fünf Lieblingsbands aus seiner Heimat vorstellen zu lassen.

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5 Bands aus Spanien, die ihr auschecken solltet

Hey, my name is Felipe, I do vocals on Brothers Till We Die, from MADRID, SPAIN. Even if hardcore and punk has been a thing for many years around here, it is still a small scene that is getting bigger day by day! I hope that you give a listen to the bands I quote here- I assure you won’t regret it!

Brothers Till We Die (Bild by Andres Zazo)
Brothers Till We Die (Bild by Andres Zazo)

1DESORDEN (Hardcore Punk – Madrid)

Really young band, female fronted, tons of energy. They are bringing back to Madrid the spirit of Hardcore Punk. They are really friend of us and we love them, give them a try! Also, lyrics in Spanish, a good way to learn this beautiful language!

2PROUDZ (Hardcore Punk – Madrid)

A band that is coming back this year after many years in hiatus. They are really hard, also Spanish lyrics. It was a really strong band back in the days, and we are pretty excited about their comeback!

3VERSVS (Hardcore  Punk – Madrid)

Versvs, and specially this song, is probably a must if you grow up in this scene. The video was pretty shocking back in the days, with images of the Spanish scene back in those years, the lyrics talk about the music and gigs. It is just history man!

4PROTERVIA (Punk rock – Madrid)

Protervia is already gone, but their music it is still with us. If you attended to their shows, you could see hardcore kids, punk kids, metal kids. Really good vibes and strong energy in the venue!

5LIKE PETER AT HOME ( Hardcore – Madrid )

Already gone by more than 15 years, but really fresh. Tons of rock influences in it, even if the vocals. It is like the good old wine, only gets better with the years! The name is an Spanish expression literally translate to English, that would mean something like to feel really comfortable.

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Brothers Till We Die werden am 05. Juli 2019 ihr neues Album Touch These Wounds // I Came Back From Death über Dead Serious Recordings veröffentlichen.

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