Tim Vantol hat vor wenigen Tagen sein neues Better Days veröffentlicht, bei dem der Titel auch Programm ist. So behandelt die Platte seinen persönlichen Weg aus der Depression, bei dem Tim einen durchweg sehr lebensbejahenden Ton wählt.

Ein super Ansatz als absoluten Kontrapunkt zu allem, was gerade in der Popkultur modern wird: „Suicide Kids“ sind ein echtes Phänomen geworden – Billie Eilish, Lil Peep und Konsorten versinken musikalisch in ihren Depressionen, anstatt ein Signal des Widerstandes nach außen zu senden, es gibt sogar musikwissenschaftliche Studien darüber, dass die Texte von Popmusik über Jahrzehnte immer trauriger geworden sind. Tim Vantol bietet da einen klasse Gegenpol!

Wir hatten die Idee, dass Tim Vantol sich fünf Platten sucht, die als Mood Manager in schwierigen Zeiten herhalten:

1 Tim Vantol & CCR
Tim Vantol & CCR

CCR – Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits (1976)

This one never gets old, although it’s pretty old. Even if  you maybe won’t recognize the titles of the songs , there might be a big chance that you actually know all of the songs. So many hits and great songs!

I actually got this album on vinyl from Chuck Ragan, while being on tour together, he had an interview where he spoke about this album, afterwards he gave it to me. Dfa  dfadf

2 Tim Vantol & Against Me
Tim Vantol & Against Me

Against Me! – Reinventing Axl Rose (2002)

I don’t know which one i wanted to pick this one or As The Eternal Cowboy as I really do like both (and actually more) albums of Against Me! One of my all-time favorite bands, the energy, the rawness.

3 Tim Vantol & Punk-o-Rama
Tim Vantol & Punk-O-Rama

Punk-O-Rama 1 To 10  (1994 – 2005)

Back in the days where compilation Albums were still a thing, this and Tony Hawk’s Skateboaring (the game) were the way to discover new music pre-spotify.
I still remember buying the first one (5) on my holiday in Orlando long long time ago.

These albums are nostalgic to me, it reminds me of the good old days where we drove with my first band to every little town in Holland and Belgium to play our shows.

4 Tim Vantol & Bruce Springsteen
Tim Vantol & Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (1982)

This is one that needs to be (and probably is) in everyones LP collection, it’s a must have. A solo album which he recorded in his bedroom, where he shows that a good song is a good song it doesn’t matter how it’s recorded. A great inspiration. I actually got a weird edition with the German lyrics (in the inner sleeve).

The Avett Brother – Emotionalism (2007)

This is also one of my favorite bands, and probably my favorite live show I’ve ever seen. It’s showed me that a show didn’t had to be perfect to make it a great show. It’s the energy and the love for the music that will make it great. This was the first album i got into of them, and probably still is my favorite.

Better Days ist am 22. Mai 2020 via Eminorseven erschienen.

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