10 Records Worth To Die For: #173 mit Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid)

Comeback Kid-Frontmann Andrew und seine 10 (bzw. 11) Records Worth To Die For.


Mit Heavy Steps haben Comback Kid dieses Jahr ein Biest von Album veröffentlicht (Review hier). Grund genug Sänger Andrew nach seinen Lieblingsplatten zu fragen.
Bevor er loslegt hat er noch ein paar Worte dazu:

This list has been very hard for me to make because I don’t think there are “BEST” albums, rather so albums that have dramatically moved me at different points in my life in one certain direction. One thing that I was tempted to do in this exercise was to put some more “classic” old school albums on this list but I have to say when reflecting back, music that was current to me AS I was growing up was just as important as the classics and BECAME MY classics. Every time I smoke a joint and think about what records I want to talk about, I think of a new one… so there is no point in ranking. First that come to mind are ….. !!!!

1Twilight Singers – Powder Burns

Twilight Singers was the offshoot band to Greg Dulli who is best knows for his work with the Afghan Whigs. He was a prominent members of the 90’s Seattle scene and collaborated with / influenced a lot of the worlds’ most well known artists. This is a blues inspired, tough, melodic rock album about the nightlife, sex, drugs, and it just sounds dangerous but in a vulnerable way. This record got me through moving from Winnipeg to Toronto in 2008.

2Madball – Hold It Down

This record came out right around the time I was graduating high school. I was already a fan of Madball but this was a little bit more of a polished / big soundin Madball. The songwriting was on point, and the band had become the undeniable GOATS of NYHC and HARD-core in general.

3Propagandhi – Less Talk More Rock

Propagandhi came from Winnipeg (like me) and while this wasn’t my first punk cd I ever bought it was a close second. (The first was their split cd with I-SPY) . When I was 14 years old they were talking about things that I had never heard or thought about before. Shining a light on human rights to me at a time when I wasn’t hearing that from anywhere else. What a powerful impact they have had on my life, our city, our country, and the punk rock scene around the world. Musically Chris Hannah is fucking genius and we all look up to him as a guitar player.

4Mew – Frengers

When we talk about albums in my life that shaped me, anyone who knows me can’t leave out Mew – Frengers. Production on this record is absolutely insane and huge. (Rich Costey is the producer). heard this record when CBK was first touring through Copenhagan in 2003 or 2004. It hit me at a transition / break up point in my life. It was one of those records that when I heard it for the “first time” it already was strangely familiar. Beautiful songs. I would go on to follow Mew for many years after first getting my hands on this LP and they have been writing amazing albums every since.

5Blood Orange – Freetown

Sound On the MEW tip, I find a few similarities in this Blood Orange album to Mew’s Frengers. Though F.T. was more recent it was heavy heavy on my playlists a few years back and probably was a “most played” album of mine in recent years. Perfect for a weekend dance floor, background music over drinks or loud and in your face. He is an unbelievable live performer. I thought he had some Prince elements the way he would run from instrument to instrument and then also dance. Unbelievable songs.

6No Warning – Ill Blood

Okay lets bring it back to heavy. No Warning is one of my favourite HC bands (of all time). They have the attitude and the bounce that I like in a hardcore song. True musicians and you can tell (I think their new shit is just as good if not better in a way to this album but I’ll stick with the classic). True Canadian NYHC worship and I AM HERE FOR IT.

7Razor – Shotgun Justice

Razor is Canada’s undeniable kings of THRASH. Insanely fast, with unapologetic lyrics. My favourite maybe is from their song about promoters not paying the band’s guarantee. “Violence, condoned! Cough up, the dough!” Or from “American Luck”- “ Each time you buy my albums I can buy a pack of smokes” Very classic very metal.

8Jay Reatard – Singles 06 – 07

Here is a punk / rock record that is very important to me. While I kinda found Jay Reatard after the fact, and I’m not even sure if this counts as a “record” this is a group of singles that really influenced some of my song writing (for CBK believe it or not before the Symptoms + Cures record)

9Air – Talkie Walkie

Can’t leave this record out. This is a pinnacle record when it comes to ambient music for me. I have been massively influenced by this album through and through it will allow you to float if you let it.

10Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

No fucking frills. This is the best heavy hardcore album to ever come out. The breakdowns are perfect. The song lengths are perfect. This is the blueprint.

11100 Demons – In The Eyes Of The Lord

Following Hatebreed’s lead, this Connecticut band took what Hatebreed had laid the foundation for and cranked it up to 11. This is the toughest most feared sounding music in our hardcore genre. Sweethearts though. Hahah. CBK did our first ever tour with 100 Demons in 2002 and this record was the sound track to every parking lot mosh we had growing up.

Oh shit thats 11… shall I stop here?


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