10 Records Worth To Die For: #208 mit Casey Damien (The Brokendolls)


Casey ist Gitarrist bei der italienischen Band The Brokendolls. 2022 erschien ihr aktuelles Album Snakecharmer (hier gibts das Review) mit dem einfach nur überzeugt werden konnte. Im August kam die Band dann seit langem nochmal für drei Shows nach Deutschland.
Nun stellt uns Casey seine zehn Lieblingsalben vor. Viel Spaß damit!

1Kiss – Rock and Roll Over

This is KISS at their finest! By the time this album came out they had just become larger than life super herores but ego and drugs were only a little part of their chemistry. Perfect songs and perfect production! Peter Criss raspy voice could melt every girls’ panties!

2Silver – World Against World

The most underrated punk rock band in the world! Norwegian death punk at its best! The Brokendolls borrowed/stole a lot from them!

3Backyard Babies – Total 13

Together with “Payin The Dues” is the album that opened the door to punk rock for me, back in 1998. No fillers, all killers from start to finish! I could listen to this on repeat for months!

4The Heartbreakers – L.A.M.F.

Thirty years after his death Johnny Thunders remains the ultimate punk guitarist and this album is the prefect soundtrack for losers looking for drugs and troubles! Baby we’re born to lose!!!

5Sylvain Sylvain – S/T

I don’t think it is a coincidence that two of my fav albums ever came from both New York Dolls guitarists!
More polish and less furious than his ex-bandmate debut this album is filled with awesome catchy songs!
Don’t tell me you can listen to “Teenage News” without singing “uh uh uuuuh”!

6Reverend Backflash – Holy Shit

No matter if it’s a Monday morning after a long weekend, if everything at work goes wrong or my pasta is not “al dente”… I only have to listen to “Crazy” to feel happy as a pig in the mud!

7Michael Monroe – Life Gets You dirty

Can you imagine that there was a time when Mr. Monroe was struggling to carry on his career? Record label even forced him to change the original cover of this album cos he was not looking good enough! Life Gets You dirty is a helluva an album and my fave of his!

8The Dictators – D.F.F.D

The Godfathers of punk rock wrote the ultimate punk’n’roll anthem on this album! “Who will save rock’n’roll?” Unfortunately we still don’t have an answer… but there’s a lot of undergorund band carring the torch! Bitch Queens, The Dahmers, GBZ, Wyldlife, Lucifer Star Machine, Hot Breath, Grande Royale.. just to name a few!

9Entombed – Wolverine Blues

Whithout even tryin to, Entombed invented what will be later called “Death’n’roll”! A mixture of Death Metal and punk that pleased the then 17 years old me! They would then develope and refine their stile on the following “DCLXVI – To Ride. Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth” but this one remains my favourite. Nicke Andersson love for KISS and Alice Cooper is easily recognizable on some drum fills here and there!

10Ozzy Ozbourne – Bark At The Moon

Ozzy + Lee + Daisley + Aldridge = FIRE! Can’t think of a better hard rock solo than the one on the title track!


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