The Von Tramps
The Von Tramps

Schon haben wir den nächsten Teil der Interview-Reihe mit den zufällig gezogenen Fragen. Wie immer und auch in Zukunft zog auch dieses Mal der/die Interviewpartner*in oder auch die komplette Band fünf Fragen aus der Box, ohne eine Ahnung zu haben, was drauf stehen wird.

5 Sho(r)ts: Das Zufallsinterview #9: The Von Tramps

The Von Tramps haben dieses Jahr über SBÄM Records ihr neues Album Go veröffentlicht. Die Punkrockerinnen kamen sichtlich gut gelaunt zum Interview, welches aber „nur“ Jenna Enemy und Chelsea Oxborough führten, da sich Krissandra Anfinson verspätete. Aber am Ende hat sie sich fürs Foto dann auch noch eingefunden. Viel Spaß mit The Von Tramps:

1Kategorie „FUN“: What was the sweet nick name your father/mother gave you as a child?

Chelsea: Sweet Pea.

Jenna: Sweet Pea? Hahahaha, you´re so far away from a sweet pea.

Chelsea: Yeah, that´s so not me…, what´s yours?

Jenna: I don´t know why, but my mom gave me the nickname Nenny. She always called me that, but that is not even close to my name. She´d also calle me the names of my sisters because sometimes she forgot and just went through the list. And I was the last born so I always was the last on the list. But I would call my mom Bill because my Dad called my mom Katy-Bell (hope I wrote it right) and I could not say bell, so I would call her Bill which caused a lot of laughs.

2Kategorie „MUSIC“: How would you describe your style to someone who is not into the genre already?

5 Shots Bild
5 Shots Bild

Chelsea: Fun. We have a little bit of everything. We have not only a lot of Ska, but also Pop-Punk influence.

Jenna: There´s also a lot of old maybe 60s Pop-Tune in there. We draw from the great stuff of back then to the stuff we grew up with to something future.

Chelsea: Yes, we got a little bit of everything.

3Kategorie „FUN“: Is there anything you are addicted to, except drugs?

Chelsea: Definetly not drugs.

Jenna: I think Dogs. I love petting dogs. I love dogs so much.

Chelsea: I think as a band we are addicted to caffeine. Coffee big time. We´re not a big party band.

Jenna: We like up more than down. And we crush pretty hard at night. We´re in bed like nine.

Chelsea: We´re addicted to sleep *laughing*. We´re addicted to going to sleep right after the show.

4Kategorie „SERIOUS“: War is…

Jenna: *starts singing* What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Wait, that´s not even the right song. War is… shitty. Not great, especially right now.

5Kategorie „MUSIC“: How did your band name result?

Jenna: We were getting drunk in a casino. That is what you do in the States. We were watchin a cover band that had this really cool drummer. What was his name?

Chelsea: The drummer is like internet famous.

Jenna: He´s famaous cause he´s twirling his sticks around. If you look it up on You Tube, it´s the „Drummer´s at the wrong gig“. That´s the viral You Tube-Video. And we went to the casino just to see this drummer, because he´s so impressive. And we were just drinking and watching this drummer just playing this thing. We were trying to come up with names then and each one just sucked. And it sucked worse and worse and worse. And we´re big The Sound of Music – Fans. And we just thought The Von Tramps.

Chelsea: It just came up. And then we looked it up if anyone before used that. We googled it and there was just nothing. We thought „perfect“, if someone searches us…

Jenna: Von Tramps is cool because it´s not only we are ladies, but it´s also like wanderers. And as a band we want to go everywhere and go as far as we could. So Von Tramps were the favorite wanderers.


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