Terror veröffentlichte im Herbst 2018 ihr neues Album Total Retaliation und hat mit diesem einmal mehr gezeigt, wo der Hardcore-Hammer hängt (unser Review). Welche Bands das Hardcore-Schwergewicht aus Los Angeles so beeinflussen, erzählte uns Frontmann Scott Vogel (ex-Buried Alive, World Be Free) in unsere 10 Records Worth To Die For.

Scott Vogel (Photo by Michelle Olaya)

1Warzone – Don’t Forget The Struggle

This is my favorite hardcore record. It’s perfect in my eyes in every way.  “Yo, what’s up with that? Let’s start jamming.”

2Agnostic Front – Victim in pain

Every song is an anthem. The speed and energy is undeniable. Hardcore blueprint.

3Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today

Lyrics that everyone can relate to. The melodic elements bought in just right. Walter is a genius.

4Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire

Feels like your being hit in the head with a sledgehammer. One of the hardest hitting record ever created. Complete game changer

5Merauder – Master Killer

This is crossover perfection. Normandy sound at its best. Jorge vocals are untouchable.

6Leeway – Born to Expire

This intro sets the tone and the album does not let up. Cover art is too cool. Guitars are perfect and crushing and Eddy’s voice is a great compliment to the madness

7Gang Starr – Hard to Earn

No one did it like guru and premo. Pounding beats with a laid back voice and flow. And always lyrics that matter.

8Hot Water Music – Forever & Counting

My favorite band ever. I don’t even know what type of band they are but they have songs that move me like no one else.

9Madball – Set It Off

The groove. The bounce. The reality. Madball is one of the best to ever do it and this debut album is a classic.

10No Warning – Ill Blood

Perfect hardcore from start to finish. Lyrically beat downs and riffs that don’t let up. Canada’s best hardcore I have ever heard.

Total Retaliation ist am 28. September 2018 über Nuclear Blast Records erschienen.


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