Die Persistence Tour liegt nun schon wieder einige Wochen zurück. Mit CountimeCutthroatWisdom in ChainsBillyBioH2OStreet DogsAgnostic Front und Gorilla Biscuits stand im Januar für die Tournee einmal mehr mega Line-Up auf dem Programm!

Mein persönliches Fazit über die Show in Oberhausen: Einen besseren Einstieg ins Jahr 2020 hätte es nicht geben können. Die Stimmung war unglaublich, die Bands haben eine großartige Show abgeliefert und nebenbei selbst ordentlich gefeiert. Dieser Abend wird für mich unvergesslich bleiben.

Viel spannender ist es jedoch zu erfahren, wie die Bands selbst die Tour erlebt haben. Seid auf ihren persönlichen Rückblick gespannt – so hat Charlie von Gorilla Biscuits die Tour erlebt.


Charlie von Gorilla Biscuits im Interview

I can’t see a whole new record happening, but a couple new songs could be cool.

Gorilla Biscuits

AFL: Hey Charlie, by now the Persistence Tour is history for a couple of weeks already, so thank you for your time to answer my questions and give us a little personal retrospective on the tour.

I was at the Oberhausen show and my impression from the stage side was that all the bands really got along super well and you all had your own party on stage every night. How would you describe the tour?

Charlie: It was really cool because a lot of us are old friends for many many years especially the East Coast guys. But also we don’t really get to hang out with each other that much at home because everyone is busy with work and families. So after the first night it was like a bunch of old friends hanging out and also getting to meet the West Coast bands everybody was super cool and hanging together and having fun. We had a few nights where we did sing along jams or someone will just start singing something everyone would join in like a kind of doo top style band singing old classic songs so that was really fun. Definitely every night after the show there was some type of party or hang out in someone’s dressing room or backstage. Everyone got along great. One of the funnest tours I´ve ever been on.

AFL: Was there one show that really stood out to you from this run? Any special highlight or a funny anecdote you can tell us about?

Charlie: I feel like Brussels stood out for me. It was a really cool venue and there was no barricade so there was a lot of stage diving and physical interaction with the crowd. Everybody had great sets that night and it was just an overall really fun vibe in a beautiful city. When we played our final song Start Today the entire stage was full of people dancing and singing along.

Gorilla Biscuits

Typical day on Tour

AFL: Can you give us a little inside on how a typical day on the Persistence Tour looked like for you?

Charlie: We were lucky to be able to pretty much sound check every day but it was kind of early in the day so a lot of times for me. I would wake up and go inside the venue make a coffee and then basically have to go to the stage to start sound checking. I usually drink more coffee and get something to eat in the venue catering and then figure out somewhere to go in the town. I like to get out and walk around to see some sights during the day and not just stay around the bus or the club. Then I would usually come back when the first band would start and just start hanging out then for the rest of the night and watch the bands. Then start the party!

AFL: Twelve days together on tour in very limited and confined space on the bus. Where there any moments where you didn’t like being on tour or was there any fighting?

Charlie: Gorilla Biscuits was fortunate enough to have our own bus and we had a small crew so we had plenty of space. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about playing 12 nights in a row but it was actually kind of cool and also knowing that you’d be in a different city the next day. After the last show I was ready to go home. Lol.

Gorilla Biscuits

AFL: How would you describe Gorilla Biscuits in just three words?

Charlie: Fun, Passionate, Uplifting.

AFL: Sadly Alex Brown passed away last year. How did it initially feel for you to take his place? How did the fans react?

Charlie: It felt strange at first. He was truly one of a kind and it was really hard to believe he was gone. Civ called me and said basically that people need Gorilla Biscuits to continue and we both knew Alex would want that too. When he asked me to play I was truly honored and I knew my friend Alex would want that too. Most fans thought I was the most logical choice since I played in CIV and I was already a part of the GB family. I´ve known all those guys for over thirty years. It felt very natural.

New Gorilla Biscuits Record?

AFL: Your first album Let’s Start Today is one if not the biggest selling Revelation albums and for many, one of the all time classics – not only in straight edge but hardcore in general . I know that Anthony said something along the lines of „you shouldn’t put out a record or lyrics too quickly because it’s your legacy and you should be very careful with that“, but don’t you think it’s time for another Gorilla Biscuits record?

Charlie: Let’s Start Today is an absolute classic so it would be hard to come close to that with something new. But then again Walter is an incredible writer and musician so you never know. I can’t see a whole record happening but a couple new songs could be cool. It would ultimately be up Anthony and Walter. I vote yes haha!

Gorilla Biscuits

„i vote yes“

AFL: Sadly, not many bands in our genre can live from their music alone. What about you? What do you do when you’re not on tour? If you have a „day job“ how do you balance your jobs duties and PTO and being on tour?

Charlie: I am a partner in a bar in NYC. I am the manager and I also bartend. I also have two kids and two dogs so I stay busy with all that. Persistence Tour was the longest tour I have done in a while so I was nervous about leaving everything for that long. In the states we usually just do long weekends and the past few trips to Europe have been around one week. Thats works well for me.

Time for Brainstorm

AFL: Alright, brain storm time! What are the first thought to come to your mind when you hear to following


  • Favorite Band(s) – Bad Brains, Fugazi, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, Slayer
  • Germany – Beautiful country, great people, great food
  • Hardcore/Punk – Agnostic Front, Sex Pistols
  • Vinnie Stigma – Legend, hilarious

AFL: Are you coming back to Germany for some shows this year?

Charlie: I might come back with Judge. We have a show in Barcelona in June so we might add some dates around that.

AFL: Is there something else you want our readers to know or to get off your chest? Then, now would be the perfect time for it!

Charlie: Keep being awesome Germany! I love that I was continued to be a second home for New York Hardcores bands. I have made so many friends over the years and hope to continue do it.

Cheers! Charlie

Bilder: Gorilla Biscuits auf der Persistence Tour 2020 in Oberhausen

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